International Children’s Bible {Review & Giveaway}

Bibles are one of those staple items for ministry to children.  (If it’s not, it should be!)  Choosing an age-appropriate Bible for children is sometimes a bit of a challenge because there are so many great options out there.  Here’s one I’d like to share with you that children will love.

International Children's Bible


The International Children’s Bible, the first Bible translation created specifically for children, has been updated and newly typeset in a large readable layout.  The Bible text is set in large type, with bold in-text subject heads that help kids easily find the passages they are looking for.  Also included are boldface words that correspond with a dictionary and concordance entry to explain word definitions.

A great new feature in this updated setting is a key verse index with more than 300 verses that are highlighted throughout the Bible for kids to read and learn.  The beautifully illustrated Bible story insert pages are in a style that children love and will delight their imaginations as they read and “see” popular Bible stories.

International Children's Bible


The Bible is easy-to-read and easy for younger readers to read on their own.  The size of the Bible is perfect for smaller hands to hold and navigate.  The colors used in the illustrations are brilliant and the drawings are not too young to turn off older elementary-aged children.


I would have loved to have seen a brief synopsis for each book, such as the author and an overview.  Giving children this background information could help them see the big picture of God’s story.  I also would love to have seen the highlighted verses in a bold color instead of the dull gray; this would help the verses stand out a bit more.  Lastly, I would have loved if the illustrations were in close proximity to the story it related to as well as a scripture reference provided under the illustration’s title.  I could see how this might cause some confusion for children.

All in all, I think the Bible is a great resource for children to develop a love for God’s Word.

To find out more, take a look at this YouTube video or visit their website.

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Help Children Love (and Use!) God’s Word

This past Sunday, my heart was filled to the brim when I presented a 5th grade girl with her very own copy of God’s Word, the Bible.  She has never had her own copy, so to say that she was delighted is a gross understatement.  Seeing her clutch her brand new Bible to her chest and then run to show her Mom was a moment that I will treasure for a long while.  When you think about all of the things that children today receive, it is so refreshing to see them desire their own copy of God’s Word with the same enthusiasm as receiving the newest electronic gadget.

If you’re like me, you may own at least 10 different Bibles.  I own Bibles in just about every translation and paraphrase, devotional Bibles, leadership Bibles, children’s Bibles and study Bibles.  It’s hard to imagine that many people, particularly children, do not own a copy of the Bible.

Our Children’s Ministry formally presents Bibles to preschoolers, kindergarteners and 3rd graders.  We also keep Bibles on hand for older children (4th and 5th graders).  Here are the Bibles that we present to each age group:

Preschoolers (3 year-olds):  The Jesus Storybook Bible

Kindergarteners:  The Early Reader’s Bible

3rd Graders:  The Adventure Bible (NIV)

Preteens:  The Realife Devotional Bible (one for boys and one for girls)

Photograph courtesy of iStock Photo
Photograph courtesy of iStockphoto

Once you place God’s Word in the hands of a child, help them discover the precious truths hidden within its pages.

Teachers, you can help students use the Bible each week in class by:

  • Opening the Bible.  For younger children, read the story directly from the Bible and show the corresponding pictures.  For older children, have them follow the text (or read it aloud) as you teach the day’s lesson.  Help them understand that the story isn’t just any story; it’s from God’s Word.
  • Helping them navigate the Bible.  Help them understand how the Bible is divided (Old Testament or New Testament; chapter, verse).
  • Helping them become Bible-literate.  Help them discover who wrote the book; background history, maps/timelines, etc.
  • Marking the week’s memory verse, if parents allow children to mark in their Bible.
  • Providing daily devotions that include a Bible verse to continue the learning at home.

Parents, you can help your children use the Bible at home each week by:

  • Having your children retell the Bible story presented in class.  Help them locate the scripture passage in their Bible and retell the story in their own words.
  • Using take-home pages to continue the learning at home.
  • Directing them to God’s Word when they struggle with a particular area (i.e. What does the Bible say about obedience?  Justice? Self-image?)

Let’s not just give children a Bible.  Let’s help them love it passionately, read it daily and become a useful tool in growing in their relationship with Jesus.

Do you or your child have a favorite Bible?  Tell me about it below!