Snack Idea: Edible Campfires

This summer, in preparation for our VBS (read what we’re doing here), our elementary children are learning about Moses.  So far, we’ve covered his birth and God calling him to lead the Israelites.  This past Sunday’s lesson was about the burning bush and I wanted a fun snack for the children to enjoy that tied in to the lesson.  I researched ideas online but wasn’t really pleased with what I found.  Then I had an idea and ran it past my daughter (she’s my unofficial focus group!).  She loved it, so we went with it!  Here’s what we landed on:

Edible Campfires


  • Hand sanitizer
  • Paper plates
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Canned mandarin oranges, drained
  • Fresh strawberries, sliced

What you do:

  • Have the children wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.  Review the Bible story (Exodus 3:1-15).
  • Place a small amount of pretzel sticks on the plate.  (These represent firewood.)
  • Add the flames (mandarin oranges and strawberries).
  • Pray and then allow the children to enjoy the snack.

Whenever we serve a snack, it’s always a big hit.  It’s an even bigger hit when the snack ties in to the lesson.  Cha-ching!